GalleryTrack Features

Current Features

  • Automatic Scanning - GalleryTrack's most powerfull feature is the ability to scan the image folder automatically, and detect changes. Images can be added and removed as needed from the folder, and the software will allow your web site to adapt immediately.
  • High Security - As with any software that indexes folders on a web server, this program can be used for malicious purposes. To minimize the risk, the program does not allow the visitor to select any folder the installer doesn't allow, nor does it show any file that does not match a very specific naming scheme.

Planned Features

  • Logging Capability - The next version of this program will be able to log information about the user, so the effectiveness of the gallery can be determined.
  • ImageViewer - Instead of images opening in a new window, the next version of the software will open a special viewer window complete with special scripting to make the window more userfriendly.