DataTrack Form Submission Processing

DataTrack is a Perl-based form processing application that can be installed on any web server that supports Perl software. DataTrack can process the data submitted by the form and add the data to a file or transmit it to a pre-determined e-mail account. In addition, the program can send the visitor a copy of the data they submitted.

Full Customization, Seamless Integration

In order to allow the software to integrate completely into the web site where it is installed, the results page it presents to users is built based on a template file that has HTML code that matches the rest of the web site. Alternatively, the program can redirect the user to another web page on the server while the data is processing.

Designed for Security

Although no program that is publicly accessible on the Internet is comletely secure, this application has been designed with security in mind. From limiting its reaction to various possible inputs, to checking to ensure the input is coming from a form on the local web site, the program does everything possible to prevent malicious use.