ErrorTrack Error Management And Logging

Most web sites, especially those that are hosted by third parties, do not have the most extensive error management and tracking capabilities. ErrorTrack has been designed to give web site administrators the ability to track and log errors that occur on the site, and to enable the site to respond to the error with limited inconvenience to the site visitor.

Customizable Response Page

When errors occur on most web sites, the visitor is given a generic error message with no real information about the problem, and the visitor is not usually given alternatives to enable him or her to continue browsing the site. When an error occurs on a site with ErrorTrack, the user is immediately given an error page that can be customized to fit the look of the web site. This error page can contain information about the problem, contact information for the webmaster, and even links so the user can continue browsing the site.

Powerful Error Logging

When any error is observed, ErrorTrack will log all pertinent information about the error. The information to be logged can be customized based on the specific error that occurs. For example, if the error is an internal server error, ErrorTrack can be set to record the variables being sent to the program that failed, and if the the error is a page not found, ErrorTrack can be set only to log the page the user came from.

By customizing the logging of different errors, ErrorTrack can store only the most relevant information. This can make finding and fixing problems much simpler. In addition, ErrorTrack can color code log entries to make it easier to review the logged errors.

Threat Detection and Response

Depending on the severity of the error, ErrorTrack can respond to the problem in a variety of ways. If the problem is a simple page not found error, for example, the error can simply be logged. If the problem is more severe, such as a hack attempt or a program malfunction, the software can send an e-mail to the site administrator with details about the problem.

Reactions to different types of errors is completely customizeable. Users of ErrorTrack have complete control of how the program will respond to each type of error it encounters. As the program continues to be improved, new methods and potential responses will be added to keep the software as flexible and easy to use as possible.