DownloadTrack Features

Current Features

DownloadTrack is currently in a Beta Test release. This version only tracks basic information. More advanced capabilites are still being developed and will be added to the next release.

  • Download Counter - Stores the number of times the program was downloaded, using a single file for all the programs it tracks.
  • Downloader Info Harvesting - From the downloader's browser, the application can log the downloader's IP address, ISP, and computer platform.

Planned Features

In addition to the features listed above, several additional features, listed below, are planned. Every effort will be made to include these features in the initial Beta release of the software. Even if the features do not make the Beta, they will be included in the first final release.

  • Questionaire - The software can present the user with a questionaire based on the software they are downloading, or can always use the same form.
  • Mirror Support - DownloadTrack can give the downloader a list of mirrors for the downloader to choose from or can automatically select one.