Web Site Data Management and Monitoring

The SiteTrack project is dedicated to developing easy to use and easy to install Perl based software for installation on any web server that supports Perl scripts. All software released as part of this project is designed to manage or monitor the flow of information on the web site as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Because SiteTrack software is open source, all programs are free to use and can be distributed freely, as long as we are credited in any distribution of the software. Full details of the terms of use can be found in the license included with the downloads.


DataTrack is a form management application that processes data submitted in web forms. The program can transmit the data to an e-mail address or store it in a file, and can even e-mail the visitor a copy of the data. The program can also send the user to an automatically generated response page, or to a static page on the site.

DataTrack is currently in Alpha development. Click here to learn more...


DownloadTrack is an information gathering utility for use on web sites that contain downloadable files. DataTrack is able to count the number of times the file is downloaded, as well as present the user with some marketing questions. These questions can be mandatory or optional.

DownloadTrack is still under active development. However, a Beta Test release is available from the project web page. Click here to learn more...


Error management can be one of the most difficult tasks for a webmaster. To help ease this task, we have released ErrorTrack, a error management and reporting utility that gives webmasters a way to respond to the user in a user-friendly way, and at the same time log pertinent information about the error.

A Beta version of ErrorTrack is now available for testing. Additional testing is needed on a wider variety of servers before the application is formally released. Click here to learn more...


For web sites that have galleries, GalleryTrack provides a simple way to add new images, and give users a convenient way to view the images. GalleryTrack uses SSI to allow easy integration into existing web sites.

The application is currently being rewritten for release as open source software, and should be available by March 15, 2005. Click here to learn more...